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Healthfundit allows you to discover and upvote promising medical research you care about, and the ideas with enough upvotes get funded.

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How it works

What happens when highly-scored applications to the NIH go unfunded?

NIH Peer-review

Unfunded NIH grant applications that score in the top 30th percentile are received

Public Votes

The community upvotes, comments on, and shares the research summaries they want to happen.

Projects Selected

Researchers with proposals that received high interest from the community are invited to crowdfund.

Campaigns Launch

Researchers are given assistance and connections to launch a campaign and get their science funded.


In science, "peer-review" is the gold standard of quality and trust.

Every single project has been peer-reviewed at the NIH (National Institutes of Health) by the best expert scientists in each field and only proposals that score in the top 30th percentile are posted.

Public Input

Health affects everyone. Every voice should matter in selecting what research moves forward


You get an unprecedented level of access to what goes on in research labs through status updates, videos, abstracts, publications, and other indicators of progress.

See exactly how your support helps moves science forward.


Science is process, and the output of scientific research is often more knowledge.

However, given a long time horizon, the knowledge created from funding basic research directly leads to breakthroughs, treatments, cures, and technologies we benefit from today.

Investing in science has an unparalled return and high impact on human health.

Here's why

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